Website Maintenance – What is it?

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The maintenance of your website is essential to keeping it functional and secure. However, a lot of website owners are unaware of the value and advantages of keeping their sites updated. One should not only think about having a professional developer who will update and manage their website, but also do so.

No Proper Maintenance


Without regular site maintenance, your material will become stale, your plugins, apps, and software will be out of date, and worse case scenario, you'll forget to renew your domain name. That implies that your website will vanish without your knowledge. If you manage to secure your desired domain name before someone else does, consider yourself lucky. Your website's performance slows down, links break, photos vanish, and your search engine ranking plummets.

These are only a few of the problems that can arise if you neglect to maintain your website or if no one is watching out for it. It's comparable to not having your car's oil changed on a regular basis. If you didn't take care of your car's upkeep, you wouldn't be able to drive it for very long, right? For your website, the same is true. Kryptonite Creative ensures that your site is constantly live, performs quickly, and best captures the essence of your company.

What do we do?

Your website is treated with great care at Kryptonite Creative. We back up your site, review and update it, and then recheck it for any modifications or updates. Our program maintains track of the plugins and apps we modify or update so that any problems can be swiftly fixed or restored.

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Can You Save Money, if you Do It Yourself?

In order to save money, some website owners opt to update and manage their own websites. Yes, provided you have the necessary technical knowledge, you can complete the task yourself. But what if you only have a basic understanding? It is therefore vital to have a developer on your side who can assist you. Without the necessary technical understanding, maintaining your website yourself can cost you more than you might anticipate.

We record everything at Kryptonite Creative. We frequently update our client's website. We put a lot of effort into properly reviewing the site, from performance to security. We address and resolve any concerns as soon as they arise. All plugins and programs that require upgrading are taken care of, and major updates like WooCommerce are singled out for additional quality assurance. You wouldn't have to be concerned about your website not operating flawlessly if you used our services.

What if your website is not maintained by a developer? More likely, by neglecting to properly maintain your website, you may actually be tossing money out the window. No customer will hold their breath for an hour while trying to load your website or while the order is not processing. If a consumer points out the inaccuracy to you, you're in luck, but more likely, you've already lost a lot of potential clients.

The Cost for Fixing is More than to Maintain

Similar to an automobile, frequent maintenance keeps your vehicle in good working order. The functionality and design of your website might be harmed by ignorance and carelessness. When that occurs, you must decide on a course of action that could make or break your website. But either you leave it alone or you attempt to fix it yourself, in which case you run the risk of causing more harm. Or you might spend a lot of money on a one-time service

Experience and Expertise Can Help You Save Money

The optimal course of action for your company is something both you and we are aware of. We know our products and you know yours. Why not handle your area of expertise while we handle ours? Why attempt to maintain your own website when you are aware that you lack the necessary technical knowledge? Why not just work with a qualified professional web developer?

You save money by working with a skilled web developer to update and maintain your website. When it comes to your website, the old adage "you have to spend money to make money" is absolutely accurate. Impressing your customers will encourage them to use your products or services again. Keep your website up to date and safe after that.

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