“Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

- Ron Swanson

Me, in a nutshell...

  • My name is spelled Petar, but is pronounced /ˈpiːtə/
  • I have a Bulgarian origin and a twin.
  • Adventure = happy state!
  • I love to spend time outdoors. In fact, if you don't, we would probably not be friends.
  • I make really good power bars, it's a secret recipe!
  • I love the creative process - bouncing ideas, playing with concepts and chatting about the new stuff.
Kryptonite Creative's CEO
Creative Director in Crested Butte
Kryptonite Creative Team
Petar Dopchev from Kryptonite Creative

The Team

Hi, I am Petar. I have put together a creative team of passionate individuals who specialize in growing your online business by custom tailored web design, marketing strategy and content. Digital marketing campaigns are our bread and butter and we top it off with beautiful websites we could manage for you so you have time to do what you do best - practice your own craft. Whether you want to grow your online presence or optimize your sales funnel, we are here to help you.

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Creative Director

Creative Director

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Software Engineer

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Online Marketing & SEM Optimization

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Web Developer

Web Developer

Graphic Designer


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