What We Use

What We Use

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The spectrum of software we utilize can be broadly categorized in three main sections:
  1. Related to website design;
  2. Related to client communication channels, including paid advertising ones;
  3. Related to analytical tools;

What we use

Naturally, some of the tools listed below belong to more than one section. It is also important to mention that this list is constantly growing, due to the rapid development of technology. So, we would only provide those tools that we use on a daily basis. If a newcomer makes a steady gain in daily use, it would be updated accordingly below.

website design


Wordpress logo
Themco logo

This is the backbone of all websites we create. In fact, according to various surveys, WordPress is the backbone of over a third of all websites online today. Coupled with Theme X & Cornerstone (visual builder), it is the easy to use, endlessly customizable solution to most clients' needs for online presence, be it a basic one-page profile or a large business website with an online shop.


Woo commerce logo
E commerce plugins

One of the most popular platforms for integrating an online store in your website. Highly customizable and easily adaptable for different products, sales funnels and paid advertising campaigns.


Canva logo
Photoshop logo

The visual tools for creating logos, icons, customizing images and banners for advertising campaigns. Photoshop is the preferred tool when fine tuning or complex image editing has to take place. Canva Pro is the user-friendly tool we employ when speed and creativity are both required. The latter`s big template library is more than enough of a source for creating online and print media for your business needs.

Client communication channels

including paid advertising

Facebook - Messenger, Business Suite, Ads

Facebook logoMessenger logoFacebook Business Suite logoFacebook ads logo

We cover the full spectrum of Facebook options for businesses - from creating a social network profile, to developing advertising campaigns, and website integration. We could enhance your website with a real-time section showing your Facebook activity, add a Messenger button so people interested in your products and services could contact you directly without the need to go through Facebook first and much more.

tawk.to chat

Tawk.To logo
Chats of clients

Another chat solution for your website. Easy to use, available for desktop computers and mobile devices. Unlike Messenger, it provides you with additional data about user activity so when someone starts a chat, you will know which page is currently browsed, whether additional pages are visited during the communication, etc.

Instagram, twitter

and other social networks

Instagram logo
Twitter logo

Most people prefer to have a link (in the form of an icon) to their social profile. What we offer, where applicable and requested, is a real-time feed on your website about your social networking actions, as well as those of your followers. In other words, one more point to attract a larger prospect base in social networks, even without targeting them within those networks.

Google Ads & Google My Business / Knowledge Panel

Facebook ads logoGoogle Business profile logoFacebook Business Suite Logo

We develop text and banner advertisements, build campaigns and manage them. Alternatively, based on client preferences, we would build a campaign and let clients manage them on their own. In both cases, we are committed to precise targeting, effective call-to-action elements (text and visuals), and cost-friendly campaign budgeting.

Google My Business - another free tool from Google, which is often overlooked. First, a registration there means you have one more exposure and communication point online. Second, it offers one more opportunity to come on the top of search results in Google, without spending money for paid search results. Third - it is a feedback point. People`s online activities in relation to your business matter. You might be missing a trend, you might also be spot-on with your marketing strategy. Google My Business is one of the places where you can verify your assumptions.

Newsletter campaigns - Mailchimp

Mailchimp logo
Automated email

A regular go-to choice when you are planning a newsletter campaign. Mailchimp has both a free and paid subscription option. A newsletter campaign created with Mailchimp has more than one benefit. It allows the construction of creative, visually attractive emails, but it also offers tools for analyzing recipient response - whether an email has been opened, read, how many times etc. This makes the service something more than a mass-mail distributor. It serves as a tool for helping your sales and marketing efforts.

analytical tools

google analytics & google search console

Google Analytics logo
Google Search Console logo

The power of the data you can obtain through those two elements cannot be overstated. Broadly speaking, they are your go-to sources for finding out what people do on your website, and what people do in Google, when it bears some relevance to your website. In fact, Google Search Console is much more than a data about people`s online behavior. Among its many other functions, it allows you to see how Google itself indexes your website, what Google likes or does not like. Would you say NO to having this data periodically delivered to you?

a few words for the reader

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